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Audio Equipment For Churches

audio equipment for churches

    audio equipment
  • equipment used for high-fidelity reproduction of sound. A typical rental store rents one-brand systems complete with a CD player, receiver/amplifier, cassette deck, speakers and a cabinet for the system.

  • A piece of audio equipment is any device designed principally to reproduce, record or process sound. This includes microphones, radio receivers, AV Receivers, CD players, tape recorders, amplifiers, mixing consoles, effects units and loudspeakers.

  • Take (a woman who has recently given birth) to church for a service of thanksgiving

  • (church) perform a special church rite or service for; "church a woman after childbirth"

  • (church) one of the groups of Christians who have their own beliefs and forms of worship

  • (church) a place for public (especially Christian) worship; "the church was empty"

audio equipment for churches - House of

House of Worship Sound Reinforcement

House of Worship Sound Reinforcement

House of Worship Sound Reinforcement provides everything you need to know to become a sound technician in a house of worship and beyond. Starting with the basic foundations of sound, you'll progress into learning how the sound in your house of worship is captured with microphones and transduced into electricity. From there, you will explore the wonders of the mixing console, where all the audio you're capturing is sent, processed, and mixed together. Next up will be a thorough examination of how sound is projected not only to the congregation but also back at the worship team through the speaker system. After delving into the world of digital processors, you will learn how to create an optimal environment for projecting sound in your worship space, which includes properly setting up your system. Finally, you will discover what it takes to maintain your system as well as how to readjust and/or create a new system for outreach events. Although the concepts in this book are complex, they are conveyed in non-technical language, so even if you have no experience with sound reinforcement, the book's contents are easy to follow and put into practice. The authors focus on real-world situations and setups and avoid discussions of physics and math, which can be confusing and intimidating. Whether you are just beginning your journey into live sound, you've been mixing at your own house of worship for a period of time, or you have years of experience already logged in, you will surely find useful information, tricks of the trade, and sound advice in this book that will serve you for years to come.

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IMG 1966 10/365: at work

IMG 1966 10/365: at work

10 of 365: Second, Houston

I worked tonight at the church. Normally, I'm mixing down large services on the weekends (at least one service will have close to 96 inputs) but... since Hurricane Ike, everything has been a little upside down.

The main building had some pretty bad water damage and we haven't been able to have services in there. We're in the process of repair and some redesign "while the hood is up" and we're hoping to reopen the building better than before.

The large audio console shown here - technically, the heartbeat of the room - is pretty much incapacitated for weekend use. Water from the hurricane directly damaged some of the equipment it 'talks' to in the main building.

Normally I would have 2 larger video monitors to watch for cues while I mix but the video guys have needed those on the weekends until we're back up and running after repairs. Until then, I'm happy to have a small computer monitor to watch the feed.

Here I'm recording a feed from the gym (where we're temporarily holding services) so that I can edit it down and put it on the air the tomorrow morning on 2 of our local FM affiliates - KKHT and KHCB.

23/52 Audio/Video Ministry

23/52 Audio/Video Ministry

2/22/09. Sunday. This was shot on time just a little late on Flickr.

For the past few Sundays I have been asked to take pictures of various ministries at my church for a future website. After church I scramble with my equipment to the front of the sanctuary and try to get people out of the way to set things up. I have to move fast cause I have to get these shots before people try to go home. This weekend the Audio Video Ministry needed to pose for their shot. People were wondering if I would just opt out of the photo since I'm the photographer. Nope! I'm pretty familiar with my self timer. With a touch of a button I nonchalantly walk up the steps and slide in the picture. It was no big deal, but everyone was impressed and got a kick out of my multi-tasking.

Had my flash on camera with the Lumiquest softbox II attached.

audio equipment for churches

audio equipment for churches

Audio Made Easy: (Or How to Be a Sound Engineer Without Really Trying)

Now updated! In this entertaining book, Ira White presents information on pro-audio in a very accessible, casual, down-to-earth way. This handy manual for musicians, studio engineers and audio pros contains valuable information on using EQ, speaker specifics, mics, and techniques for recording, live recording, club and concert sound, church sound, theatrical sound and much more, without page-filling formulas or mind-boggling abstractions. Includes lots of helpful diagrams, an index, and a CD so you can hear the techniques demonstrated in the book.

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