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mountain equipment micro

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  • Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) is a Canadian consumers' cooperative, which sells outdoor recreation gear and clothing. MEC is notable for its commitment to environmental protection and other causes.

  • Small-scale

  • Extremely small

  • extremely small in scale or scope or capability

  • See also Micro Cars

  • Micro Cars is a automobile company based in Peliyagoda, Sri Lanka, Founded in 1995. This was established by automobile engineer, Dr. Lawrence Perara. Their first introduction was "Micro Privilege" which had 1000cc gasoline engine with inline 4 cylinders.

mountain equipment micro - High Quality

High Quality New Garmin Topo US 24K Mountain Sount - Arizona & New Mexico - microSD

High Quality New Garmin Topo US 24K Mountain Sount - Arizona & New Mexico - microSD

24K Regions Will Help Ensure You'Re Ready For Your Next Backpacking, Hiking Or Camping Adventure. Features Include: Topo 24K Coverage. Points Of Interest With Thematic Icons: Parks, Campgrounds, Boat Ramps, Airports And Others. 3-D Terrain Shading On Compatible Units. Elevation Profile Of Routes On Compatible Units, So You Can Estimate Terrain Difficulty. Routable Roads And Trails. Searchable Points Of Interest Including Visitor'S Centers, Camping And Picnic Areas, Wilderness Campsites, And More. Detailed Hydrographic Features, Including Wetlands. National, State And Local Parks, Forests And Recreational Areas Including Conservation Areas. Blm Township And Range Section Overlay; Usgs Quad Name Overlay.

88% (11)

Boeing 757-2S7 N902AW

Boeing 757-2S7 N902AW

US Airways
Serial Number 23322
MFR Year 1985
Engine Model Rolls-Royce RB211 turbofan engines rated at 36,600 lbf

Former America West Airlines "Teamwork Coast to Coast" and "Teamwork"
Delivered 11/85 to Republic, sold to Northwest, sold 5/87 to America West.

Title: Collision with overpass, Boeing 757-2S7, Denver, March 1, 1997
Micro summary: This Boeing 757-2S7's vertical stabilizer hit an overpass
Departure: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Destination: Denver International Airport, Denver, Colorado, USA
Airplane Type(s): Boeing 757-2S7
Flight Phase: Taxi
Registration(s): N902AW
Operator(s): America West Airlines
NTSB short summary:

the pilot-in-command's failure to comply with company procedures/directives to not taxi the aircraft beneath the bridge/overpass, and his misjudgment of clearance between the vertical stabilizer and the bridge/overpass.

NTSB synopsis:

The airplane landed on runway 07, and the crew was instructed to contact ramp control. Ramp control, manned by airport personnel (not ATC personnel) instructed the crew to taxi east on taxiway AS to gate A44. The airplane was taxied underneath a pedestrian bridge/overpass (bridge). The airplane's vertical stabilizer struck the bridge. According to the company's procedures/directives, aircraft larger than the Airbus A320 were not to be taxied beneath the bridge, and the crew had been so advised via dispatch papers. In addition, a cautionary note in the airport taxi chart advised that the bridge provided for 40 foot tail and 117 foot wing clearance.

NTSB factual narrative text:

On March 1, 1997, at 2012 mountain standard time, a Boeing 757-2S7, N902AW, owned by Meridian Trust Company of Reading, Pennsylvania, and operated by America West Airlines, Inc., of Phoenix, Arizona, sustained minor damage when it struck an overhead bridge while taxiing at Denver, Colorado, International Airport. There were no injuries to the two cockpit crew members, 4 cabin crew members, and 95 passengers. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and an IFR flight plan had been filed. The airplane was being operated as Flight 491, scheduled domestic passenger service, under Title 14 CFR Part 121. The flight originated at Phoenix, Arizona, at 1819 Pacific standard time.

According to the transcript of control tower communications, the airplane landed on runway 07. At 1952:49, as its landing roll was slowing, the crew was instructed to "turn left at (taxiway) bravo four" and to remain on the tower frequency until entering taxiway "alpha sierra, then contact ramp tower contact ramp control." The crew acknowledged. At 1953:08 the tower controller asked, "You don't normally fly a (Boeing) seven five (seven) in here, do you?" The crew did not answer, and there were no further transmissions between Denver control tower and flight 491.

There was a recording equipment malfunction in the B concourse control tower. As a result, only transmissions from the controller were recorded. According to the transcript, the controller instructed "Cactus 491, (taxi via) alpha sierra to the gate (A-44), sir. Be advised that we've got men in vehicles that are working in that area. They should give way to you but if you have any problems with that commute, give me a call back." The B concourse control tower is manned by airport personnel, not FAA air traffic control (ATC) personnel. According to the assistant deputy manager of aviation, most of the personnel are former military or civilian ATC personnel and have been thoroughly trained in ground operations.

To get to gate A-44 via taxiway alpha sierra, the airplane had to pass beneath an overhead bridge connecting the main terminal building and "A" concourse. As the airplane passed beneath the bridge, its vertical stabilizer struck the bridge, crushing the vertical stabilizer cap and rudder.

The following note appears on the Jeppesen taxi chart: "CAUTION: OVERHEAD PASSENGER BRIDGE ON SOUTH SIDE OF CONCOURSE A PROVIDES 40' TAIL AND 117' WINGSPAN CLEARANCE WHEN ON TAXIWAY CENTERLINES." The following America West NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) was contained in the dispatch release and was given to the flight crew: "757 AIRCRAFT EFFECTIVE 1 MARCH, DO NOT TAXI UNDER THE PASSENGER BRIDGE SOUTH SIDE OF CONCOURSE A."

According to the captain's statement, "it appeared that there was more than adequate clearance for the tail of the aircraft, but I became more concerned with the wingtip clearance from the side support of the bridge rather than the tail clearance."

In his statement the controller on duty in the B concourse control tower wrote, "All I could see was the aircraft's lights and told the aircraft to taxi alpha sierra. I was not expecting a (Boeing) 757 on this flight and did not see the aircraft was a 757."

According to an America West spokesman, this was the first time the ai

Sandra's Bag

Sandra's Bag

I always heard about the superb quality of Gitzo equipment, but it was not until I got the Gitzo GT 3350LS that I’ve been absolutely convinced. As a landscape photographer I rely on a sturdy tripod that braves the storm on a windy mountain top or at the stormy coast. For me it was also important to have the possibility to use the tripod in very low positions for details and flowers. As the GT 3350LS has no center column it is perfect to work low on the ground and it further adds to the overall stability as I’m able to mount my ballhead directly onto the cover plate. Although he tripod is quite large it fits perfectly into my travelling bag and it is very comfortable while carrying around as it is light as a feather. The GT 3350LS is the perfect match to my needs – solid, lightweight and of an extremely high built quality. If I would have to buy a new one – it would be exactly the same!

Sandra's Equipment:
•Nikon D700
•Nikkor 2.8/24-70mm
•Nikkor Micro 2.8/60mm
•Nikkor Micro 2.8/105mm VR
•Nikkor 2.0/35mm
•Nikkor 2.8/20mm
•Nikkor 4.5-5.6/80-400mm VR
•Meyer Gorlitz 2.0/100mm
•San Disk Flash Cards
•Lee filter holder and adapter rings
•Lee filters (Grey Graduated)
•Kenko extension tubes
•Hoya Slim Polarizers
•Cable Release
•Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly

mountain equipment micro

mountain equipment micro

High Quality New Garmin Topo US 24k Mountain North - Idaho-Montana-Wyoming - MicroSD/SD Adapter

Topo U.S. 24K - Mountain North Brings You The Highest Level Of Topographic Detail Available, With Maps Comparable To 1:24,000 Scale Usgs Maps. These Highly Detailed Maps On Microsd/Sd Card Include Terrain Contours, Topo Elevations, Summits, Routable Roads And Trails, Parks, Coastlines, Rivers, Lakes And Geographical Points - And They Also Display 3-D Terrain Shading On Compatible Devices. Topo Maps Are Ideal For Hiking, Hunting, Camping, Cycling And Communing With Nature. Coverage Includes Topographic Detail Of Idaho, Montana And Wyoming. Includes Topographic Coverage Of Idaho, Montana And Wyoming. Provides Detailed Digital Topographic Maps, Comparable To 1:24,000 Scale Usgs Maps. Contains Detailed Hydrographic Features, Including, Coastlines, Lake And River Shorelines, Wetlands And Perennial And Seasonal Streams. Allows You To Search By Points Of Interest, Including Cities, Su

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