Antenna Test Equipment

antenna test equipment

  • Either of a pair of long, thin sensory appendages on the heads of insects, crustaceans, and some other arthropods

  • A rod, wire, or other device used to transmit or receive radio or television signals

  • an electrical device that sends or receives radio or television signals

  • one of a pair of mobile appendages on the head of e.g. insects and crustaceans; typically sensitive to touch and taste

  • The faculty of instinctively detecting and interpreting subtle signs

  • sensitivity similar to that of a receptor organ; "he had a special antenna for public relations"

antenna test equipment - Zenith VN1ANTP1

Zenith VN1ANTP1 Indoor Passive VHF/UHF Antenna

Zenith VN1ANTP1 Indoor Passive VHF/UHF Antenna

This Traditional Passive Antenna Offers The Finest Quality Dual Purpose Designs For Vhf & Uhf Reception; Fully Extended 39" Dipoles To Help Capture & Hold Vhf Broadcast Signals (Channels 2 Through 13) Better Than Shorter Varieties; The Flexible Uhf Loop (Channels 14 Through 69) Provides Access To The Newest Additional Channels Provided By The Digital Initiative; Will Provide 1080I & 720P Hdtv Performance When It Is Available; Heavy, Weighted Base With Attached 5 Ft Coaxial Cable & Protective Bottom

85% (15)

Gadget infinity cactus v2s antenna mod

Gadget infinity cactus v2s antenna mod

Well, as some of you might have noticed i've just bought myself some strobist equipment( i ordered the impact set for 2 and 2 vivitar 285HV's from bhphoto and cactus triggers from gadgetinfinity)

Well, i had a little "photoshoot" with my brother today and i discovered that the Cactus's was even more unreliable than i thought! the problem was that i used both flashes, and i had to take like 6-7 images to get an image where they both fired! So i thought i'd get strait to ghe mod.

I got a cat5 cable and a 2.4 ghz antenna, i removed the antenna itself from the 2.4ghz and was left with the plastic cover, and i fitted that to the cactus, then i soldered on a reasonable amount of wire, and cut of 1 inch peaces untill they were reliable an voila! I thought i should do a test.

I shot 100 shots at 1/100 with both flashes and NO missfires, i was very happy with it, i thought i'd test a 6,5 fps burst of 50 shots and believe it or not NO missfires now either! I works like a charm!

Strobist info:
One Vivitar 285HV at full power on top of camera bounced of the ceiling.

WWVB 60kHz VLF Antenna

WWVB 60kHz VLF Antenna

WWVB 60kHz VLF Antenna feeding Kinimetrics 60-DC WWVB Receiver (no preamp required).

Antenna was purchased from Rescue Electronics.

Located indoors in Pittsford, NY (near Rochester)... 1,482 miles line of sight from WWVB in Ft. Collins, CO. Signal received >99% of the time in a very difficult electrical environment for VLF AM reception:

RF Noise Environment: 4 laptops, 2 desktops, multiple LCD monitors, test equipment including spectrum analyzers and scopes, 3 time servers, wireless a/g/n access points, 20 halogen 75 watt floods for overhead lighting on 4 solid state Insteon 1000 watt dimmers -- and 3 APC SmartUPS etc.

antenna test equipment

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